Companies can no longer ignore: governance is essential for the maintenance and success of the business

In a time when the idea of Compliance, it means (the set of tools and procedures that guarantee the protection of integrity and ethics) has been intensely discussed, the importance of governance in a company is fundamental. But what is corporate governance and why can it no longer be ignored?

Governance consists of a management system for companies that have transparency as their main objective. The Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC)), defines corporate governance as a system by which companies and other organizations are directed, monitored and encouraged, involving the relationships between partners, board of directors, executive officers, supervisory and control bodies and others interested parts.
“Good corporate governance practices convert basic principles into objective recommendations, aligning interests with the purpose of preserving and optimizing the long-term economic value of the organization, facilitating its access to resources and contributing to the quality of the organization's management, its longevity and the common good ”, define the IBGC.

Transparency in management and alignment of interests can be the most direct way of defining corporate governance and this is exactly what we seek at MVPAR Real Estate. Our business model is focused on investment partnerships, real estate consulting, asset management, project development (new and remodeling), residential, commercial, hospitality, built to suit and sale and leaseback.

We operate in Portugal, planning to expand to the entire European Union under the pillars of transparency, quality and results-oriented management. We are committed to our customers and partners to serve everyone's interests with excellence, efficiency and innovation. And, of course, we could not make this delivery without being fully aligned with the application of corporate governance.

For us at MVPAR Real Estate, transparency, balance, accountability and corporate responsibility are in our DNA. This helps us to offer safe and profitable investments and make solid and lasting partnerships. Talk to us and come to understand more about how our company works. Would be a pleasure to meet you!

Guilherme Vialle