Know what kind of investor you are as this can change the fate of your finances.

When it comes to the financial market, there are several ways to invest, but there are also different types of investors. Do you know which one is yours? There are many ways to find out by doing a thorough analysis of your personality and how you feel about each investment.

The Architect, Urban Planner and Building Technician, Mônica Moraes Vialle accumulates experience in managing real estate and civil construction businesses. She has extensive experience as a consultant that allows her to identify the profile of each investor. Thus, together with MVPAR's specialized team, it is possible to indicate the best real estate investment according to the client's needs.

At MVPAR, Mônica is responsible for both managing new businesses and strategic planning, following the best investment chosen from the beginning to the end of the process. With more than 20 years of experience in a leading position in Real Estate and development companies, the professional speaks in this interview about investor profiles. Follow up.

What is an investor profile?

The investor profile is the set of characteristics that that person demonstrates when investing their financial resources. It works more or less like a filter to find out which investments are most suitable. To find out the profile of an investor, it is necessary to know the objectives he has based on the investment he wants to make and also his medium and long-term plans.

Is it possible to sort these profiles?

Yes, it is possible. The market classifies at least three types, but of course there are more and we can't end any feature or leave them all in “one box”. You can have a little of each one, mix the characteristics, but the important thing is to be well advised to make a safe investment.

What are the main investor profiles?

We can speak of the Conservative; Moderate and Dashing. The Conservative profile, as the name implies, prefers not to take risks. Generally, this profile does not have a defined objective for using the resources it will receive. However, he values the gains and is wanting to monitor his investment closely.

Moderate, on the other hand, is someone who is willing to invest in the medium and long term, makes several investments at once and accompanies them all to ensure liquidity in the business. It is usually a person who knows or is getting more informed about the market. With the right advice, he can earn varied profits.

O perfil Arrojado The Dashing profile is the most willing to take risks, but that does not mean that he is not aware of values and their investments. This characteristic shows that the investor knows the market and understands that, in the long term, investments bring even more positive returns and financial balance. It is usually the investor who does not need an immediate return and has time to see his investment grow.

Why is it important to know this profile before investing?

Knowledge and self-knowledge bring more tranquility in personal and professional life. Thus, knowing what your investor profile is, it is possible to have more security, good results and profits compatible with your investment expectation and strategy.

Each profile has a specific financial situation, market knowledge, objectives and, above all, risk tolerance. And MVPAR Real Estate Investments has a team prepared to identify the investor's profile and indicate the best real estate transactions. It's a partnership that has everything to work out!