Guilherme Vialle tells how MVPAR was created and announces the development of new businesses as one of the premises for the future of the company. Follow.

Founding partner of MVPAR Real Estate Investments, Guilherme Vialle is a Civil Engineer and specialist in Business Management, Real Estate and Construction Control. Accumulates experience in the real estate market in large companies in Brazil and Portugal.

At MVPAR he dedicates all the know-how acquired over more than 20 years of professional activity to seek high-profit investments, always under the pillars of the company. In this interview, he talks about how MVPAR came about, what the company's premises are and future investments in the post-pandemic scenario. Follow:

How was MVPAR Real Estate investments born?

Vialle – MVPAR started its activities with the market experience of the managers, from more than two decades and dozens of projects developed. The objective is to develop real estate investment projects, with attractive profitability for the company and for partner investors, whose products are the object of desire that customers are proud to own. We started the activity in Portugal. The country is our headquarters, but we plan to expand investments within the European Union soon.

What solutions does the company offer?

Vialle – MVPAR is a modern company, with a long-term vision. We offer qualified investors the opportunity to earn attractive returns from real estate deals. We think about every detail in the projects, in order to add value to partner investors and property buyers.

What differentiates the company?

Vialle – The main differential is the know-how and the love we have for what we do. In addition to efficient management, with a focus on results, we are a modern company. We always want continuous and efficient communication with stakeholders. With well-defined strategic planning, well-designed processes, we exercise corporate governance and continuous improvement. And, above all, we work with the best partners in each area.

You accumulate experience in the real estate market. What are the main points to be evaluated before investing in a property?

Vialle – First, in the investor's view, it is necessary to understand the risks of each business. The stage in which the development is, the anticipated deadlines, what is the estimated return in time, what are the threats to the business, how conservative are the numbers that are being used for feasibility are points to be analyzed. In the view of the customer who is going to buy the property, it is first necessary to understand whether the property will meet his expectations, in relation to his current and future situation. Like, for example, pretensions to increase the family, if you have or intend to have pets. It is necessary to check the memorial of finishes and the quality of the materials, observe in the sales material, images, what will be reality and what are merely illustrative images. It is also important to check the documentation of the property being acquired, whether it is a property under construction or already ready. Anyway, each situation has its peculiarities.

And what is the importance of making this investment with the support of specialists, such as the MVPAR team?

Vialle – Experience and transparent communication are essential for business, so that the investor and the client understand the details of the investment or the property being acquired. We want to maintain long-lasting relationships with all partners and customers.

What are the main post-pandemic investment trends?

Vialle – The coming months will be intense in investment opportunities and in the development of new businesses. In addition, the projects will undoubtedly be analyzed in relation to the use of spaces in the event of a new confinement, both in internal areas and in common areas. Aggregate services and the quality of life of each project must be considered as a priority.

What investments is MVPAR currently offering?

Vialle – MVPAR is constantly developing new opportunities. Interested investors can get in touch and a relationship manager will return to understand the profile of each one and what types of businesses fall under the qualification. The investor will have access to our investor relations website, where he will be able to check new opportunities, monitor investments and have online access to all new information that is available

How do you evaluate the real estate market in Portugal? Why choose the country?

Vialle – The market in Portugal is very healthy and promising and will continue to grow in the coming years. In addition to local customers, several dozen other nationalities buy real estate every year. And support for financing for new buyers is present with much more discretion than we observed in years past, making the market more secure.

The main cities are becoming much more cosmopolitan, as the level of services is improving every year. Portugal has a fantastic, welcoming population that makes this diversity of people feel at home. As a rule, people communicate in several languages. The Portuguese are keen to please and education is a strong point. In addition, the climate is predominantly sunny and with a splendid luminosity. Cities are well thought out in the urban sense. The cuisine is one of the best in the world and the cost of living compared to other countries is much lower.

And to top it off, Portugal appears every year among the safest countries in the world, it is one of the main tourist destinations and the best destination for retirees, among so many other qualities.

Why choose MVPAR?

Vialle – Because we love what we do and we want to build a lasting relationship with partners and customers. Always based on transparency, management focused on results and commitment to a better world.