Companies that have compliance programs, such as MVPAR, are more reliable in the market and have more competitive advantages.

Integrity, credibility and risk prevention. This trilogy shows just some of the advantages of companies that maintain an active compliance program.

Whoever adheres to this type of program gains, in addition to a good reputation, more confidence in the business market.

Originating in the term "to comply with", which means "to act in accordance with", compliance refers exactly to the fact of acting in accordance with internal and external standards, guidelines or policies.

By maintaining a compliance program, companies are able to predict financial and administrative losses and anticipate possible problems.

Implementing the system guarantees greater reliability for suppliers and investors, precisely because of the greater care with the transparency of the business. In this way, the business management program ensures that the company is in compliance with the legislation of the segment in which it operates.

The aim is to ensure secure transactions and preserve the company's reputation.

To implement a compliance program, it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the company, always based on ethical values. Thus, it is possible to raise possible situations that cannot, under any circumstances, occur within the institution.

Once the diagnosis is made, it is essential to raise risk management and share information with all employees, partners, customers and suppliers so that everyone is aware of the company's conformities and values.

In this phase, the creation of an anonymous reporting channel, both to receive internal and external information is essential. Thus, it will be possible to identify any illicit attitude that may possibly involve the company.

After mapping the risks, it is necessary to foresee crisis management to act as quickly as possible in the face of a possible problem, ensuring quick and safe resolutions. For this, it is important to generate periodic reports of business activities. This reporting management will keep all phases of the compliance system in operation.

The system, it must be emphasized, is dynamic and “alive”. In other words, it must be reassessed and adjusted periodically to chart the path of the institution's accounting, legal and administrative transparency. Over time, the program builds the company's identity and helps to shape and maintain the unique reputation required for good relationships in the market.

The MVPAR Real Estate Investments has a compliance manual that is under constant review, aiming at continuous improvement and operational excellence.